Jan 26, 2011

Iris Uy Challenge:

My first done layout for 2011. Well, I was out and now I'm back. Yey!

Paper: Websters from Iris Uy's class.

I made those embellies from our local store and incorporated techniques from her.

week three: Friendship @ eleven yrs old

I went to my friend's son first birthday. We just realized that we had been a friend for a very long time, we are counting I thought it's only 10 years ago we started our friendship, nope its 11 year's already. What's so memorable is photography is the bridge of all those years. Starting those rolls of film and evolve into digital.

I wanted also to share this trivia: 5 years ago we talked about acquiring condo space that we can share with or at least doors away, supposedly near to where we are staying at that time. But we end up buying a unit miles away from each other. A little sad because sleep over, sharing of dishes can't be done just like before. Then, it's like a cosmic thing, the place we bought has the same theme, same developer and almost the same feel.

These are some of the photos I took.

Jan 16, 2011

week two: Night Getaway

In the past few months I had my mind working all night. It didn't stop going somewhere, missing someone, thinking what if Life is like this and like that. And all I want to to do is just sit down and stop the moment. let the mind flow and just pass the time until I get tired looking at the lights and their reflection. Stars do look good here also. And I love it that every night I sit here and my eyes has something to do and not crying. It makes my heart dance though.

Sometimes life gets tough huh, and I love that I can getaway with it even for a moment.

This is the view I want to share with you too.

Jan 8, 2011

week one: everyday jogging path

everyday walking could be boring and tiring if the same view you are seeing every time. I must say it always inspire me to take a 30-minute nature walk. I love to feel the fresh air in the morning and enjoy the star gazing at night.

I wish autumn happen in our tropical country. I do paint them in my memory and making them real. hehehe...play my photoshop.

Jan 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

What I do believe is its a year through plan and see if they are realized at the end of the year. Awesome, right? everyone must have something to look up to like a guiding star.

Goal No. 1 - Work hard and Play Harder

Work --I just realized that I've been so hard on myself since. I just do things I love in minimum. Because I thought I will be guilty of over indulgence. But in effect I was only limiting myself to nurture the passion I need to have. I also had a year through contemplating about my job and career in 2010. The what if's and what should and so much of that tension I just end up of over thinking things and missing the good points happened.

This time I'd really wanted to work harder more than I had ever since. Aim for the gold or even diamond. Whatever it takes "Onward and Upward" (from astroboy movie).

Play harder --And after the day's hard work, I want to play more and what it means? it is spending my time to travel and lots of travel, adventure and explore and most of all party and party. Travel -Island hopping, more beach visits, if I can I would do mountain visits, and most definitely commune with nature as I used to be. Adventure or explore more island's wonder. I thought Philippines has so much promise in terms of nature and I wanted to discover them. And of course, party and party more, wine tasting and food trips. More of country's best food are in the provinces where dishes are fresh, healthy and different. I would also include the street dances and parties to know the culture more. there are number of festivities listed for best street dances and I wanted to collect those mementos in my bucket list.

To pack it all, I need to get fit. So more exercise this time. Have to be prepared... endurance and patience. So walking, jogging and yoga.

Goal No. 2 - Eat, Pray and Love

Eat -- I already started to lose weight last October and keeping them to a perfect shape by eating more healthy choices. More of South beach diet or shall I say "my chef's spirit should be awaken" this time- more new recipes.

Pray --After my second miscarriage I began to question God's mercy and indeed shy away from Him since - this time I thought going back to His arms would make me feel spiritually attuned to His grace.

Love --And lastly, 2010 indeed enlighten me the desire of my soul on the aspect of loving. What I thought was love is just intensified with what is really love. Its cliche to say but love has no definition actually and it really depends on the beholder. I do have my own - loving makes me new person. loving myself makes me love the people around. And loving is just loving a person without asking any return hard to say from a person like me and thats what I want to do now just because I found this kind of "Love".

I definitely have only 2 goals this time and really determined to make them come true.

WELCOME POSITIVE VIBES in 2011!-- hey it's my year - Im just the typical rabbit person.

Have some photos also to share, as a fresh start I aim more of these photos should be posted year through.

Jan 2, 2011

My life in 2010

I started my year with hanging on but moving forward mindset. But only to find out I was only procrastinating everything.

Actually I never had the attitude of working things right in the first day of 2010. I was just so disturbed and hoping for everything will be okay..in whatever way I was only waiting for stars to fall on my feet and hope for the best. Too bad, right?

Then one day I keep blaming on everybody for what has happen. I was not sleepy though not to notice my negligence but I was too lenient to take everything for granted.

And honestly I was just too lucky to stay at my best and all was provided on my plate. That is I am so grateful.

Most importantly I was able to met the right person who opens the doors and windows for me.

This time is the new beginning of my life.

Jan 1, 2011

Hopeful for Brilliant Year ahead...2011

I had been missing my blog, scrapbook and my creative spirit for the past few months...
Been busy with my personal growth, life and love, and self meditation. At the moment I already shaped 20lbs lighter, I learned about the kind of love my heart truly desires, and have new perspective about life. Top of my routine is everyday walking, yoga and a very successful south beach diet. whalah! those negative vibes were shed out and perfect to start life all over again especially for the new year.

This Christmas we spent 10-day holiday vacation in my hometown (Cagayan de Oro, Philippines - the city of the golden friendship) and my birthplace (Cebu City, Philippines - the queen city of south). it was indeed a beautiful means to reminisce my dreams, hopes and everything i wish for came true in my years of yearning. Now I have to make new dreams, explore new endeavor and hope for new beginnings.

Though I gain a little weight from our food trips, Im amazed that my cravings for freshness is satisfied. I got good buys for sumptuous meals from local eatery. And the value of money is always worth to spend.

and so much of everything....I wanted to show you some of the photos I took from the trips...

'M looking forward for brilliant year ahead....