Nov 24, 2011

~Being Free : Thank God~

This LO is for Paper thrills challenge #30 and 35...

I'm late, I know. and I had been MIA with my blog post... I got tied with my day job - work has been taking a lot of my time, add to that is I'm deeply troubled with personal growth and I'm glad I'm through with it.

I thought everyday is a battle for me to get through.... but going through those moments is also the most rewarding self-growth to remind me that my self is still the best thing to consider first.

Letting go is the most difficult thing to do, forgetting the best and worst times of the past is equally painful to do. and I thank GOD for giving me all the strength to do it all in a short period of time.

Anyways.... here's my layout:

After all those difficult times: here's my layout for THANKSGIVING....

Thanks for dropping by....


  1. I'm glad that you shared this post--I'm working on seeing the same thing as you--however I have not seen the growth yet:) I think it's because I'm not trusting enough....but I'm glad you shared where you are! It's a great example!!! God is GOOOOOOD!!!

    ps...beautiful LOs!! I'm loving all the details!!!!

  2. Wow I'm blown away by your LOs! All those wonderful details.