Apr 18, 2009

Finally...My Layouts

I've been scrapbooking since 2003 but mostly on digital layouts. Back then, I just thought to add a little more of my creativity on how I capture the once in a lifetime moment of baby's innocence. But scrapbook has challenged my mind and heart to create more and more. So much patience and discipline to really come up with new perspective.

So for me, scrapbooking (and of course Photography too!) makes me invisible from all the hustle and bustle of my life. I usually layout in multiple photos, I'd rather tell stories through it. But I still feel something is missing and that's when I started putting on journaling to make it personalized then add few embellishments...so on. Then, one day I ran out of digital materials, I even tried to make sets just to finish the LO's I promised as a gift for my friend. And from that, I thought my layouts should evolve because I was never so proud of it.

And that intrigued me much to discover how traditional scrapbooking really works. All I knew was scissor and glue and that's so simple I thought. Little did I know, there are already hundreds of techniques used to embellish layouts and pages to make it very special - so much special actually. I'm very glad (I mean overwhelmed) to see how wide scrapbook stores Philippines has. So much to discover that there are so many dedicated Filipinas creating extraordinary layouts. I envy...I wish I started then in traditional scrapbook.

So here's my layout way back 2007... the emphasis actually is the portrait of Ella Mariel, that's my friend's first child. So cute.....right? Can you see how she talks to you through her expressive eyes? That's a million bucks for me...Moment is so right to tell you how happy she is.

After learning much from beautiful creations of all talented Filipina I met, I'm very...very challenged to do my own layouts but sadly I only have 3 done LO. I realized I should gather more materials in my stash to come up with so nice LO - ($$$$?).

So here's the LO I made from Cookie's workshop last Feb at Rekindled Moments. This is my first of everything that has heart...because I never appreciated how beautiful heart thing is.. And also my first ever done LO. I've started so many LO and its not finished yet.

I felt so guilty that I've started 4 LO but never finish it, so I tried.... this is the LO I started when I joined the scrapday at Dinah's. I was never prepared then, I never thought that's how the scrap day should go. So embarrassing that I forgot to bring photos, because I thought then I'd just go shopping... :( Plus, i was never so happy with the prints of these photos....

So, I'm so pressured that many scrap girls asked me about my blog. Actually, I'm hesitant to make one because hubby don't want to display our photos in the web until I finally convinced him that it's all about scrapbook and layouts so I would improve.

Then last night, with the thought of uploading some of my humble layouts in this blog I tried to create one LO in digital. Ironic to traditional layout I finished my LO in 45mins. Paired it with a comment of my hubby "Wow, I supposed digital is so much better because you didn't mess the whole house, you're done in few minutes in that corner and most of all you never make noise to come up with that 3 eyelets, .......and it's way better than your traditional LO's". I never complain if it was a compliment or anything....should I?

So here's my digital LO. Materials used are the recent free kit of Shabby Princess - Happy Go Lucky. Photo from Hotel Vida in Clarkfield during my stay last Scrap Jam of Scrapbook Hawaii-had so much fun especially the shopping and meeting new girls.

And that's all for now...I'll appreciate to hear some inputs and comments from the experts. I'm newbie in this craft and I know I need to learn so much more....



  1. you are a natural! I love both your traditional and digital LOs. Great job


  2. hi july, you're doing good! great layout!

  3. love your layouts. ganda ng mga digi mo and i'm sure given the right materials, you'd come out with beautiful los, too. just don't over-shop. :-)

  4. Are you a newbie??!! Wow, your pages don't look like they were made by one. I think your work is beautiful.

  5. Hey parang di ka naman newbie eh. Ang gaganda ng layouts mo. Great work July! Looking forward to see more.

  6. hi july :) great thing meron ka ng blog hehehe lookin' forward to more los from you, digi or paper ;) see yah around!